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You need a Story Cartel. Let's build it together.

Created by Joe Bunting

“How do you become a full-time writer?”

That’s a question I hear all the time. Three years ago, I quit my day job and achieved something most writers only fantasize about: I became a full time writer.

I’ve talked to NY Times Bestselling authors, editors at major publishing houses, successful freelance journalists, and even a handful of full-time bloggers. I’ve discovered a few secrets—and started powerful habits—that have helped me support my family and my art.

Whether you want to be a full-time writer or just want to share your art with the world, the Story Cartel Course will help you increase your audience, create industry connections, and build a strong foundation for your writing career.

It starts with a Cartel, a Story Cartel. Let’s build one together.

The Story Cartel Course Includes

  • Practical Inspiration
    Eight weeks of lessons on how to write, publish, and market your stories. Even the shyest writers can market their writing and sell more books.
  • Expert Teaching
    Glean publishing wisdom from 11 guest experts, including Amazon bestselling authors, book cover designers, and award winning bloggers. Learn the secrets of publishing success from the best.
  • A Thriving Community
    Join a supportive community of fellow writers and authors. You’ll receive support, encouragement, and critiques on your writing from the Story Cartel community.
  • Special Access to
    Get special access to Story Cartel’s tools and reach our community of thousands of readers.