An Online Writing Course for 21st Century Writers

The Story Cartel Course is an 8-week part online writing workshop part marketing seminar. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be a writer in the 21st century.

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Being a Writer Today is Really Hard

The Story Cartel Course: An Online Writing Course for 21st Century Writers

Writers today have a lot of responsibility. We not only have to write, but we have to do everything else that traditional publishing used to do. We have to market our books, and get ourselves on the right blogs (and on radio and in print publications, if we can). And that’s if we want to go with a traditional publisher. If you’re self-publishing, there’s even more to learn!

Are you overwhelmed yet?

That’s what the Story Cartel Course is for. We’ll teach you how to be a successful writer in the 21st century. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing this for years, the Story Cartel course will help you grow your audience, build your platform, and ultimately sell more books (even if you’re a shy writer like me!).

You’ll also join a supportive community of other writers who want to help you grow. Maybe you’ll find your Cartel here.

When you join this course, you’ll get instant access to over 50 multimedia lessons for every learning style, 11 interviews with industry experts, a welcoming and knowledgable community, and $129 worth of bonuses.

Does this sound like the kind of class you’d be interested in? Then, keep reading….

How I Became a Full-Time Writer

Joe Bunting
My name is Joe Bunting. In 2011, I launched The Write Practice, a writing blog that has grown to over 135,000 monthly readers. As a ghostwriter, I’ve written three books for other authors, as well as published my own writing.

Then, in 2012 I started, a website that helps authors get more reviews, build their audience, and sell more books. Through Story Cartel, I’ve gotten to work with New York Times bestselling authors, traditional publishers, and successful independent authors.

By helping other authors launch their books, and launching a few of my own, I learned what it takes to be a successful writer today.

And it’s probably not what you think…. It’s not what I thought anyway.

“Now… I know I’m a Writer…”

Melissa MuhlemkampThis experience has changed the way I see myself as a writer. Before, I didn’t even see myself as one. Now I not only know I am a writer, I also have the tools to grow.
—Melissa Muhlenkamp

It Doesn’t Matter How Good You Are

Most writers think that if they can just write a good book, it will get published and they’ll be successful. Who knows, it may even make them a bestseller. The truth is that if no one else knows you’re a good writer, none of that really matters.

What I’ve discovered is that success starts with a Cartel.

Cartel is an agreement among competitors. Instead of fighting with other writers over an audience, a Cartel helps its members create an even larger audience. In other words, your Cartel becomes your team.

Without my Cartel, I would never built my blog to over 135,000 readers, launched a book that became a #1 Amazon bestseller, and created a full-time income with my writing. I wouldn’t even have known where to start.

My Cartel, in many ways, made me. So have you found your Cartel yet?

How Could a Story Cartel help you?

“… Demystified the Publication Process.”

staci trolioI used to dream of being the next J. K. Rowling. Reality check—the fiction business isn’t magical; it’s hard work. The Story Cartel Course makes it easier. In addition to the rich course material, I had the support of a network of my fellow students, or the Cartel, and my strongest supporter was founder, Joe Bunting.
—Staci Trolio, author

Every Cartel has rules, and this course is broken up in six different units that correspond to the Six Rules of Story Cartel. You can go through the course at your own pace or follow along the rest of the class through the weekly emails.

Every week, you will get six or seven lessons on how to write better, build your audience, and publish your work. These lessons come in every format, including audio, discussions, and readings, to meet the needs of every learning style.

Here’s more information on the contents of the course:

Rule 1: Stories Were Meant to Be Shared

In this unit, you’ll learn how to build your platform with your stories. Together, we’ll launch our stories online, receive instant feedback, and build a larger, more connected audience. 

Rule 2: Every Writer Needs a Cartel

In this unit, you’ll learn the true power of Cartels to grow your audience, help you sell more books, and inspire you to write better stories.

Rule 3: Write Better Stories

Good writing is still essential to becoming a successful writer. In this unit, dive deep into the writing craft, learning how to write stories worth reading.

Rule 4: Writers Read

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time, or the tools, to write,” said Stephen King, and in this unit, you’ll learn how reading can be one of the best networking tools you have as a writer.

Rule 5: Ask For Collaborators, Not Spectators

Learn to Launch like the pros! In this very important unit, we will walk you through the Story Cartel Launch Formula, showing you how to leverage your Cartel to sell more books.

Rule 6: Tools Help

The Printing Press was a tool that allowed stories to be shared further than ever before, and in this unit, we’ll talk about the tools that can help you share yours more effectively.

Joe made learning fun!

Kathy Pooler“The Story Cartel course helped me build upon what I had already started with the publication of my memoir. I was able to access the course material and forum activities in my own time. I also feel I have made enough meaningful connections with classmates to hop on board at any time. I am very happy I took the plunge when reason would have cautioned me to not take on one more thing.”
—Kathy Pooler,

More Resources You’ll Receive

This course is about more than just a series of lessons and exercises. It’s a new way to look at your writing career, and it will completely change your writing process. On top of the six units, you’ll receive:

  • Expert Interviews with eleven industry professionals, including bestselling author Diane Capri, L.L. Barkat,’s Jeff Goins, Copyblogger’s Robert Bruce, CreateSpace designer Zak Erving, and more.
  • Exclusive Access to the Story Cartel community where you can meet other writers, get help, share tips, network, and get your work critiqued.
  • Membership to a private Google+ group for Cartelistas only.
  • Access to the Teacher through live conference calls and email support.