How to Sell Your Book Effectively on Twitter

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Get the tools and skills you need to sell your books on Twitter. The Twitter Challenge Pack is a 14-day guided course for writers who want to get more readers, build their platforms, and sell more books using Twitter.

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You’re a writer because you want to write, not market your writing.

The last thing you want to be doing is building your writing platform.

That’s why the Twitter Challenge Pack is so perfect for writers. We designed it to make building your platform as easy as accomplishing a set of fun, daily challenges.


how to sell your book on twitter - ruthanne reidOh my gosh. I cannot say strongly enough HOW INCREDIBLE all this advice is. Three days ago, my follower count was 746, where it had hovered for almost a year. Right now, at this moment, it’s 861. I’ve also sold two books AND gotten a 5-star review in these last three days. Are they connected? I have no idea, but THIS IS SO ENCOURAGING. ^__^
—Ruthanne Reid, Author

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Build Your Platform the Easy Way

We’ve taken the hard parts out of building your writing platform.

You don’t have to think (unless you want to). You don’t have to do hours of research on how to build a platform and use Twitter to market your books. You can us do that for you so you can focus back on your writing.

Here’s our promise: If you participate in the Twitter Challenge Pack, you will have 100 new Twitter followers  in 14 days or your money back.

We don’t think building your platform is all about the numbers. We’ll show you how to build deep relationships with your readers and network strategically with influencers, too.

The cool thing about Twitter, though, is that if you put just a little time and effort into using it the right way, you can see results from your work almost instantly.

About the Teacher

Joe Bunting

Before I created The Write Practice, I honestly thought platforms were only for writers who weren’t talented enough to get published on skill alone. Then, to my surprise, my blog exploded to over 100,000 unique readers a month, which turned my book into a #1 Amazon bestseller and allowed me to quit my job to write full time.

That’s when I realized how powerful a platform can be.

What You’ll Learn

When you sign up for the Twitter Challenge Pack, you’ll get access to over seven-thousand words of detailed lessons, two interviews with publishing professionals, and 35 fun challenges. You’ll also join a community of other writers who want to help you succeed.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Grow your online following
  • Connect with publishers, agents, and influential writers on Twitter
  • Save time so you can focus on writing
  • Compose the 7 types of effective tweets
  • Target your ideal readers on Twitter
  • Create and customize your Twitter accounts

“I’d never have ventured on to Twitter if it hadn’t been for your course.”

how to sell your book on twitter - katie hamerIt’s allowed me to connect with people in a way that I wasn’t able to, just by blogging. Thanks for the support. P.S. my follower count is now 135!!!!

—Katie Hamer (@KatieHamer1)

Can You Really Learn How to Sell Your Book On Twitter?

You might have heard rumors that Twitter and other social media doesn’t sell books. So let me be honest with you: They’re right. Twitter doesn’t sell books. 

If you just sign up for Twitter and start tweeting links to your Amazon page, you won’t sell many books. In fact, you probably won’t sell any books. So then why should you use Twitter? And why does every major publisher require all their authors to create an account on Twitter?

Because you can build a platform on Twitter, one that helps you grow your audience, sell more books, and establish your writing career.

Your platform is bigger than Twitter. It’s bigger than Facebook. It’s even bigger than your blog. Your platform is the trust you have with an audience.

What Twitter and these other tools do is help you connect with that audience and create trust. Once you do that, your books will sell themselves.

Ready to sign up? Today is the day to build your online platform. Let’s get started together. Sign up for the TWITTER CHALLENGE PACK here, just $37 $57 . Click HERE to sign up.

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“Take book selling to the next level.”

how to sell your book on twitter - k.m. weilandOne of the most important ways to build your platform is via a strong Twitter following. And one of the best ways to navigate the sometimes bewildering world of the Tweet is to sign up for Story Cartel’s excellent online course. The fun and accessible lessons walk authors through the important foundational knowledge of not just using Twitter, but letting the power of its social reach take book selling to the next level.
—K.M. Weiland, author of Structuring Your Novel

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