Create Your Launch Plan [exercise]

In this unit, you’ve learned a lot about how to create relationships with collaborators and empower them to help you launch your book.

Now it’s time to put all that knowledge to practice and create your own launch plan.

Your Assignment

Create a launch plan for your book.

(If you haven’t finished writing your book yet, create a plan for your work in progress.)

This plan will have three parts:

1. Who Are Your Collaborators?

Create a list of your prospective collaborators in the six categories we talked about in the Story Cartel Launch Plan.

  • Beta Readers
  • Cartel
  • Endorsers
  • Core Readers
  • Reviewers
  • Media / Bloggers

Some of these lists may overlap or be incomplete. That’s okay. Just get them started.

2. What Steps Are You Going to Follow?

Using the steps in the Story Cartel Launch Plan as a guide, write the steps of your plan out in detail. Make sure to include estimated dates when you will do each step!

3. Which Publicity Stunts Are You Going to Use?

Choose two or three publicity stunts you will use to launch your book.

Note: I highly recommend using the price increase technique.

Post Your Assignment

When you’re finished, post your plan in the forums in Rule Five. Make sure to read the plans of a few other Cartelistas and give feedback!

Post your plan as a new topic here.

Once you’re finished, give yourself a round of applause. You’ve just finished Rule Five: Seek Collaborators, Not Spectators!