Create Your Launch Plan [exercise]

In this unit, you’ve learned a lot about how to create relationships with collaborators and empower them to help you launch your book. Now it’s time to put all that knowledge to practice and create your own launch plan. Your Assignment Create a launch plan for your book. (If you haven’t finished writing your book […]

The Story Cartel Launch Plan

The entire course has been building up to this moment: when you finally push your baby book out of the nest and into the real world. It’s time to launch! The first four steps are about making deposits, investments into people and relationships. You make all of those deposits so that you can withdraw favors […]

Are You a Sell Out? [discussion question]

In the last lesson, you heard from Elora Ramirez about how she dealt with the tension between marketing her work and feeling like a sellout. What do you think? How do you market, promote, and ultimately sell your art without selling out? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the forums here. […]

Can You Sell Your Book Without Selling Out? [interview]

Most writers are introverts and are nervous about marketing their books and pushing their work on people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just focus on the creation aspect and not on selling your work? How can you market and promote your books without selling your soul? I asked author Elora Ramirez how she […]

How to Launch Your Book So It Sells [interview]

It’s great to have Facebook likes, Twitter followers, pageviews, and blog comments, but how do you actually sell books? An effective platform isn’t about having millions of fans. It’s about a few people who are raving fans and are willing to do anything to help you. At least that’s what Mike Worley says. Listen to […]

How to Turn Spectators Into Collaborators [interview]

How do you build connections with readers so deep that your readers start to spread the word about your writing for you? In this interview, Amazon bestselling author and publishing veteran Diane Capri and I talk about how to turn your readers from spectators into collaborators. [audio:] Download MP3 About the Interview Diane Capri’s thriller […]

How to Assemble Everything You Need to Launch Your Story Cartel Page

If you’re just getting started, self-publishing can be a confusing mess. There’s so much to learn that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. If you’re trying to get your book up on Story Cartel, you may not even know where to begin. We’ve compiled this list of resources to help you easily create everything you need […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Story Cartel Launch

Authors have gotten over 100 reviews on their books using Story Cartel. Even authors with small platforms have managed to get dozens of reviews. Unfortunately, some authors only get a few reviews. How do you get the most out of your Story Cartel launch? This guide will show you. (And if you haven’t submitted your […]