Edit and Share Your Story

In this unit, you’ve learned five techniques to write better stories. Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Your Assignment

Write a second draft of the story you started in the first exercise. As you rewrite, follow the process define in our lesson on editing.

Pay close attention to your protagonist and the choices he or she makes, keeping in mind lesson three and lesson four.

Look to cut or combine unnecessary characters.

Make sure to set up all of your scenes well.

After your second draft, reread and polish your story. Then, share it with your Cartel here in the forums. Once you share your story, please give feedback on three other stories, sharing at least one positive and one negative comment.

After you get feedback from the Cartel, incorporate it into your finished story. Do you need to make any major changes?

Then, consider publishing your story on your blog and sharing it with friends and family.

Sound good?

Assignment Recap

  1. Write a second draft, applying the lessons you learned in this unit.
  2. Write a third draft, polishing your story.
  3. Share your story here in the forums.
  4. Give feedback on three other stories (sharing at least one positive and one negative comment).
  5. Incorporate the feedback from the Cartel into your story.
  6. Share your story on your blog and with friends and family.

Good luck with the assignment!

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