How to Find Time to Write (interview)

Writing good stories takes a lot of time, but time doesn’t always come easily. We’re all busy and getting busier, and the added distraction of building a platform for our stories can make writing nearly impossible.

And yet, some writers seem to Make it look easy. Jeff Goins wrote hundreds of posts on his blog, got a book contract, and wrote his first book, all while managing a full time job and starting a family. And in this interview he explains his secrets. 

Jeff says finding time to write is not about guilt tripping yourself, making a lot of writing goals, and achieving the “proper balance.” The secret is much simpler (and less stressful).

Do you want to find more time to write? Click play or download the MP3 to listen to the interview.


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About the Interview

Jeff Goins is the author of Wrecked, the creator of, and the co-founder of Story Cartel. In a little over a year, he built his blog from zero to over 15,000 daily readers and was signed to a book deal from a traditional publisher. He is about to publish his second book.

In this interview Jeff and I talk about:

  • How to “Go Pro” and Become a Real Writer
  • How to Find Time to Write Without Being Balanced
  • How to Publish Writing People Want to Read
  • How to Get Famous Without Selling Out

Do you find enough time to write? What are a few practical ways you can create more space in your life to write?


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  1. Melissa M. says:

    Great interview Joe! It was full of great insight and perspective. Fear can be a killer, but without it we wouldn’t push ourselves as far as we could go.